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The monitoring components enable clients to track all actions and activity in real-time, through the many dashboards and log viewing tools included in the matching engine, but also via the real-time email notifications. Clients can track connectivity, as well as pricing and trading activity.

Whilst real-time tracking is vital for day to day operations, the monitoring capability also extends to historic analysis. This enables clients to review all historic log activity to trace past trade and pricing activity and also historic connectivity. As such, investigation, be it to help resolve a technical issue or provide clarity to a client around a specific trade event, is made easier.

This powerful feature comes with a host of functions which are all accessible via the same interface and are easy to use and configure.

  • Real-time tracking of every activity, including – price actions, trade actions, settings status
  • Custom automated email alerts to notify your team when there might be a problem
  • Monitor connector and LP connectivity status in real time
  • Historic access to all log files for a retrospective view of trading activity and connectivity stability

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